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Innovation, Standards, and Cybersecurity

The annual Brussels event making AI governance a reality

29 November 2022 • 09:00 - 18:30 at The Hotel Brussels

Foundation Forum 2022 builds on last year’s successful debut. We learned then that the path ahead is lit with meaningful conversation among innovators, policy makers, regulators, creators of standards, cyber security specialists, AI assurance providers, and investors. This conversation is happening at Foundation Forum 2022 on November 29th in Brussels. Join us.

As regulatory approaches to AI and its applications firm up, attention is turning to operational challenges. From how to ensure AI value chains function smoothly to building confidence that cybersecurity solutions will keep us safe. From encouraging value-adding innovation to ensuring we get the right standards. The day will begin with short scene-setting keynote speeches before the first two panels; the first on the implications, challenges and solutions for AI supply chains, and the second focusing on how to build confidence in cybersecurity solutions, including approaches to certification.

A second keynote after lunch sets the scene for the rest of the day. In the afternoon panels we turn our attention to innovation in AI and its uses, and finally to standards and the progress being made by standards bodies. The closing session brings together the outcomes of all four panels in discussion with European political leaders.

Throughout the day there will be opportunity for questions and contributions from the invited audience with good networking opportunities in the breaks, over lunch and during the post-event cocktail.

Policy Brief

Who should attend?

Join us if you:

  • Need to understand how to build operational AI governance structures
  • Create business opportunities in AI Assurance
  • Work on AI standards
  • Innovate with AI and need to understand the broader regulatory landscape
  • Formulate and design AI regulation and ethical frameworks
  • Design, build and promote cyber security for AI

Still not sure to attend? Watch last year's recap video for what to expect.


09:00 – 09:30

Coffee & Registration

09:30 – 09:40

Opening Remarks

John HIGGINS, Chair, Global Digital Foundation

09.40 -10:00

Morning Keynote: What are the challenges to build trust and confidence in AI?

Brando BENIFEI, MEP - AI Act Rapporteur

10:00 - 11:00

Assurance of AI through the value-chain

Most AI solutions involved complex value chains of partners and third-party suppliers. How will governance work throughout these value chains? How will providers have confidence in the compliance of their sub-contractors? Are compliance solutions already being developed? How will this affect the power dynamics, especially between SMEs and multi-nationals?

Rob WORTHAM, Director, AI Assurance Club (a Global Digital Foundation initiative)

Ansgar KOENE, Global AI Ethics and Regulatory Leader, EY
Pascal STEICHEN, Founder and CEO, Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity
Emanuela GIRARDI, Founder and President of Pop AI, Board Member of Adra (AI data robotics association), Parliamentary Candidate for Più Europa
Corinna SCHULZE, Director EU Government Relations, SAP

11:00 – 11:30


11.30 - 12:30

AI and cybersecurity – an evolving relationship?

Are cybersecurity solutions keeping pace with the growing use of AI and expanding digital and data supply chains? What’s the place of certification systems in building trust and confidence in these cybersecurity solutions?

Roberto CASCELLA, Head of Sector "Technology, Supply Chain & Strategic Autonomy" at the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO)

George SHARKOV, MD, European Software Institute CEE, VP ETSI SAI and ENISA WG member
Iva TASHEVA, Cybersecurity Advisor CYEN (a Cyber Security SME), ENISA WG member
Rob VAN DER VEER, Digital groundbreaker, Senior principal consultant at Software Improvement Group (SIG)

12:30 - 13:25


Buffet lunch for all attendees

13.25 - 13.30

Afternoon Introduction

Chair, Global Digital Foundation

13.30 - 13.50

Keynote: Where should AI in EU be in 10 years?

Calum CHACE, Global keynote speaker - Author of "Surviving AI" and "The Economic Singularity”

13.50 - 14:50

What are the implications of AI for Europe’s innovation aspirations?

How can the value-add of innovation using AI be accelerated. What will be the impact of impending regulation on this innovation. How do we build the skills we need to take advantage of the AI innovation opportunity?

Diva TOMMEI, Chief Innovation, Education and Marketing Officer, EIT Digital

Giovanni SOLLAZZO, Founder and Chairman, AIDEM (a digital advertising SME)
Nick MERRITT, Head of Strategy and Operations, Vault Hill (a blockchain, crypto SME)
Sergio ALVAREZ-TELENA, Co-founder, CIO & Co-CTO, SCI the world (an algorithm-driven SME)
Nathanaël ACKERMAN, General Manger and Chief Evangelist, AI4Belgium

14:50 - 15:15


15:15 - 16:15

Standards and AI: are we on track?

How will standards help Europe maximise the benefits and reduce the risks of AI? How will standards help AI-driven innovation? Are European standards bodies on track to deliver the right standards at the right time?

Ray WALSHE, Director, EU Standards Observatory

Sebastian HELLENSLEBEN, Co-Chair, AI Committee CEN-Cenelec JTC 21
Hsiao-Ying LIN, Principal Researcher, Huawei Paris Research Center
Klaus Dieter AXT, Executive Director, EUnited
Nicolas MOËS, Director, European AI Governance, The Future Society
Karina GIBERT OLIVERAS, Head of intelligence and AI research centre UPC

16:15 - 16:25

Keynote: The EU AI Act: Will it meet its goals to both boost trust & confidence and encourage innovation?


16:25 - 17:10

Closing Discussions: The Road Ahead, Challenges and Insights

John Higgins will be joined by Emanuela Girardi, President of Pop AI and a parliamentary candidate of MoreEurope in the recent Italian elections. Together with the moderators of the day’s panels they will critique the conclusions, examine the implications and chart a way forward.

John HIGGINS, Chair, Global Digital Foundation
Emanuela GIRARDI, President, Pop AI

Rob WORTHAM, Director, AI Assurance Club (a Global Digital Foundation initiative)
Roberto CASCELLA, Head of Sector "Technology, Supply Chain & Strategic Autonomy", European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO)
Diva TOMMEI, Chief Innovation, Education and Marketing Officer, EIT Digital
Ray WALSHE, Director, EU Standards Observatory

17:10 - 18:30

Networking & refreshments


John Higgins

Global Digital Foundation

Brando Benifei

MEP - AI Act Rapporteur

Diva Tommei

EIT Digital

Roberto Cascella


Rob Wortham

Global Digital Foundation

Ray Walshe


George Sharkov

European Software Institute CEE

Iva Tasheva


Hsiao-Ying LIN


Ansgar Koene


Corinna Schulze

Senior Director, EU Government Affairs, SAP

Pascal Steichen

European Cybersecurity Competence Centre

Calum Chace

Klaus Dieter Axt


Nicolas Moës

European AI Governance; The Future Society

Emanuela Girardi

Founder and President of Pop AI

Rob van der Veer

Digital groundbreaker

Giovanni Sollazzo

Founder and Chairman, AIDEM

Nick Merritt

Head of Strategy and Operations, Vault Hill

Sergio Alvarez-Telena

Co-founder, CIO & Co-CTO, SCI the world

Nathanaël Ackerman

General Manger and Chief Evangelist, AI4Belgium

Sebastian Hellensleben

Co-Chair, AI Committee CEN-Cenelec JTC 21

Karina Gibert Oliveras


The Hotel

Waterloolaan 38, 1000 Brussel, Belgium


On 7 December 2021 the first Foundation Forum was organized. That year's topic was AI Security and Privacy. Click the below button to download the Outcome Report.

Foundation Forum Outcome Report


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